Go Application deployment on Google App Engine flexible environment — PKC Blog Hub

package main 
import (
func main() {
r := gin.Default()
r.GET("/", func(c *gin.Context) {
c.String(200, "Hello World")
runtime: custom 
env: flex
# FOR GAE Flexible Environment Custom RuntimeFROM golang:1.14
# Set necessary environmet variables needed for our image
ENV GO111MODULE=on \CGO_ENABLED=0 \GOOS=linux \GOARCH=amd64# install build essentialsRUN apt-get update && \apt-get install -y wget build-essential pkg-config --no-install-recommendsRUN apt-get install -y mupdf mupdf-tools# Move to working directory /buildWORKDIR /build# Copy the code into the containerCOPY . .# Copy and download dependency using go modRUN go mod download# Build the applicationRUN go build -o main .# Export necessary port # default GCP App Engine PortEXPOSE 8080# Command to run when starting the containerCMD ["/build/main"]
gcloud app deploy
  • First, Enable the Cloud SQL Admin API in the project
  • Under app.yaml, we have to tell our application to allow secure connection or else the application can connect to the database, make changes as following
runtime: custom 
env: flex
cloud_sql_instances: $INSTANCE_CONNECTION_NAME$




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